From our point of view, we are really not assuming that matchmaking application use could affect mating direction

From our point of view, we are really not assuming that matchmaking application use could affect mating direction

Thanks for the ability to clarify this time. The browse objective is always to ensure in the event that discover differences when considering users and low-pages out-of relationships apps in mating orientations (short-term and you may enough time-term). “. In our data, zero certain causality (personalityapps have fun with or programs usepersonality) is intended. That have a corner-sectional structure, we can not introduce any. I have used the investigation that people believe that’s better suitable for response to our very own research question. About Conceptual (p. 2, contours 31-33), for example, we published:

It was learned that, while dating software profiles got increased quick-identity mating direction than non-profiles (more regular choices, highest attention, plus great attitude), there were no variations in brand new a lot of time-term orientation given that a function of have fun with/non-play with.

Right here, together with all through the newest manuscript, we have demonstrated the results due to the fact descriptive, perhaps not which have any particular presumption regarding grounds and you may effects.

The procedure section offers a great perception of your try qualities. New test off students apparently diverge notably away from a broad scholar populace regarding the new proportion regarding low-heterosexual people. About research almost 1/step three of the students was basically classified to be intimate minority. This is simply not talked about on studies restrictions (decreased representativeness).

Response: Thank-you definitely to suit your comments and idea. Our very own take to is really so not the same as that of degree achieved various other geographic and cultural contexts, with a high ratio of professionals from sexual minorities. However, we’re unsure on the as to the reasons this needs to be indicative regarding lack out of representativeness, no matter if, needless to say, we also usually do not ensure representativeness of your test. This new testing for this studies is comparable otherwise nearly the same as the fresh new testing off early in the day knowledge on exact same browse class (pick Dining table below).

Basic, our surveys are not just biased by sexual direction (higher odds of participation to possess low-heterosexual anybody), and also one to prejudice keeps growing

A very clear trend can be found. The brand new ratio from low-heterosexual players is growing within our examples. We could consider several options to describe so it We can’t see one commercially possible factor because of it. 2nd, on the populace regarding college students (Spain, a single college), the existence of non-heterosexuality is actually increasing. After that studies are needed to clarify this point.

We have attempted to make this crisper because of the modifying the latest label your manuscript, that is now “Do younger matchmaking application pages and you will low-profiles disagree inside the mating orientations?

Regarding to sexual orientation, a few elements can be listed. First, this new higher proportion out of professionals from sexual minorities, more 30% of one’s last test. This could be thought to be insufficient representativeness of our attempt. I thought one to an option translation is achievable. This study offers having prior education the same testing strategy and populace (Language university students with the exact same age range and you can regarding same school). We are going to inform you the full time of data range and also the ratio from sexual minority members: , fourteen.7% , , 8.6% . An obvious development is positioned. The latest proportion out of sexual fraction professionals is actually gradually growing in our trials. We can thought two options to define this. We simply cannot select people theoretically plausible need for it prospective changes regarding prejudice across big date. Second, in reality regarding people from college students (Spain, a single school) the presence of non-heterosexuality is expanding. It second solution manage mean that the issue out of representativeness are far more noticeable you to real. Then research is needed to clarify this aspect. Whatever the case, in our regression analyses we integrated intimate positioning as covariate. On the other hand, so you’re able to support brand new analyses, we decided to classification people towards heterosexuals and low-heterosexuals, ergo shedding the fresh new subtleties related to this new decisions from members of sexual minorities.